SDK Day School

DOG DAY SCHOOL is a unique program to SDK and to the Training World.  Just like a human kid, students get dropped off and picked up Mon-Thurs. This 12 week program is designed to educate students from Elementary > Jr High > SDK High. Before each session begins, parents will need to attend an Open House. Here they will get to meet the teachers, see the classroom, get the packet with the curriculum, and important dates. Report cards are sent home weekly.  Quarter-end testing and parent/teacher conferences are held every 4 weeks to discuss progress.  Weekly report cards and FB posts on the private school page keep parents updated on classroom activities.  A final graduation ceremony will take place at the completion of the program.  There is also an option to purchase a year book full of memories at the end of the session. 
*All students must be at least 6 months and up to date on all vaccinations*

The School Day

The classroom is located in the Training Center East of the Boarding/Daycare facility at SDK South.  Students can be dropped off after 8:00am.  The BELL rings at 9:05am.  Don’t be Tardy!  All students receive individual sessions, group lessons and advance together following a structured curriculum.  Just like human students, canine students will progress at their own pace.  The end goal of the session would be to meet the requirements for CGC testing. The classroom has a built in kitchen for “counter surfing” work and has a “furnished homelike” area for real life training scenarios. All students will get an SDK lunch box. School pickup time is 4:30-5:30pm.
The School Day

Tuition and Erollment

Only a limited number of students will be accepted per session.  There will be 3 sessions per year.  Mid-session enrollment will not be allowed. All students must begin together.  No refunds for drop-outs.  To enroll, create an account here and request “Day School” under group classes.