Training Classes


Puppy Essentials
ages 3 -5 ½ months, 6 week course

Where do I start?! This course will provide pertinent information for you and your new pup to be a successful team. Learn basic commands, manners and problem prevention. Great socialization for pups and their families!

Beginner Essentials
ages 6 + months, 6 week course

Excellent opportunity for pups and their family to continue to build their working relationship. Whether you have a new pup or an older dog, this course is designed to promote a learning opportunity for both handler and student. Focus on team communication while learning commands and practicing them with distractions. Pre-requisite for advanced courses.

Key Fundamentals
6 week course, *Beginner Essentials is a pre-requisite course (or equivalent), open to any breed

You understand the basics and now it's time to get serious. This course will add distance, distractions and duration (the triple D's) to known commands. Comply consistently and quickly to commands. Phase off treats and learn how to properly give corrections when appropriate.

Ultimate Companion
6 week course, *Key Fundamentals is a pre-requisite, open to any breed

The name says it all! Work off leash with the triple D's (distance, distractions and duration). Team work and skill set is solid between handler and student. At the end of this course there will be an option to test for “Canine Good Citizen” (CGC).

6 week course, *one of the Essentials is a pre-requisite (or equivalent), open to any breed

Learn cool tricks and show off to your friends! This is an exciting class for any age and any size. Course promotes good team building while having fun!

Early Retriever
ages 4 – 18 months, 6 week course, open to all retriever breeds

Refresher on basic obedience/commands learned in Essentials. Learn the fundamentals of early retriever skills while building retrieving desire. Introduction to birds, gun fire, and retrieving. Ducks, pigeons, bumpers, and/or dockens will be provided. Pre-requisite for advanced courses.

Collar Conditioning Clinic
3 week course, *open to any breed

Collar conditioning is a process to teach handlers how to properly use an electronic training collar. It is not fair or effective to use one incorrectly, thru the conditioning process we teach handlers when to use it, how to use it, and when not to use it. Students learn how to “turn it off”.

Force Fetch Clinic
6 Week Course, *open to retriever breeds

Force Fetch sets the foundation for building for building a finished retriever, rather the end goal is a reliable hunting companion or Hunt Test Champion. This clinic is designed as a seminar style. Handlers will learn the process to Force Fetch their own dog. You do not need to bring your pup. Handlers welcome if you do not yet have your pup. Some pups will be used in class for demos. If you do bring pup, also bring a crate.

Private Sessions

Do you need help with a specific issue or desire one on one training this option is for you. 
Families welcome.

New Puppy 101
2 hour seminar

Everything you need to know about owning a puppy from vaccinations/nutrition/tips for training.

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